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Fault  phenomena of laser cutting machine

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 Fault phenomena

1. First check out whether laser tube itself can shine

(Have a test of laser tube light shine at the mouth where light that comes out) check whether the lens are damaged and light way is migrated or not.

2. If there is no light at the place where Laser tube’s light is coming out, check whether water cycle is normal, (see whether conduit flow smoothly)

If no water or water doesn’t flow well,

clean the water pump, straighten out the dredge pipes

3. If the water cycle is normal, see whether the laser power indicator is bright, whether power supply fan runs. If it does not rotate and laser power is damaged, replace the laser power supply.

4. Turn on burst button of the laser power, if no light, it will be laser power supply or laser light tubes conducting fault while working.


Work without laser

5. If there is still no light for water protection signal line shorted, it must be mainboard or wiring board failure,

1. Whether the machine power switch light is lit or not. If not, check the power supply system or the main source fuse.

2. If there are shows, new models should be viewed by motherboard parameters, if the parameters are wrong, input the correct parameters.

Start the machine and no working.

3. If parameters are correct, and still no action, there will be mainboard or drive failure.

1. Check out the working light intensity, speed, and water temperature. If it is too fast and little light intensity, even high water temperature, light intensity is to increased, speed reduced, circulating water changed.

2. See whether crochet depth is normal, if so, increase image resolution or scanning precision.

3. Crochet is still very shallow, or deep shallow, Check whether the lens are dirty or damaged, whether light path is offset.


Cleaning becomes shallow

4. When you plug in ammeter, see whether its current is up to 20 MA. If the depth is still not enough, the reason is laser tube aging, so change laser tube.

The machine sometimes has light.

1. Check whether lens are dirty or have damaged, clean or replace the lens, adjust the light way to see whether it is seriously offset.

2. If the light way of the lens is normal, check whether water circulation is normal. If the water is of intermittence, clean or replace water pump, dredge pipes.

3. If the water cycle is normal, it may be water conservation fault. Replace water protection.


Sometimes have no light

4. If it is still the problem, motherboard, laser power, laser tube could all cause this phenomenon, Alternate change above accessories, find the reasons. After graphics of the wrong size output

1. Check

Change the machine drive by subdivision, every movement, pulse.

1. The direction is right while resetting, but came to the top, the car and beams can't stop and (new model’s mainboard parameters should be checked first if it is correct)

If the machine is reset incorrectly, it is mainboard and sensor’s faults

Exchange it. 2. The beam reset is normal, and the car reset doesn’t work, it may be the reason for a tight round card death or the motor shaft to break, the wrong parameters.

Change a tight round or small motor, modify parameters.

  1. Check the machine grounding status, ground wire is measured to know it is to reach the standard.

(Resistance to earth should not be greater than 5 ohms)

Reform ground wire, to reach the related standard.

2. Check whether the computer has set the screen saver or power saving mode (such as system dormancy or close hard disk) as to low speed and high speed of the motherboard.

To remove the various above Settings to "never"

3. Check the original graphics for errors, if the graphic has cross, not closed, lack of stroke, etc

Correct errors in the graphics

The machine stops, miss to carve or disorderly carve in the halfway4. Such as do other graphics without the problem, just a graphic appears such problems.

Graphics data processing error, back to the rendering

5. Problems still exist, for computer serial ports, may be the problem of carving machine’s mainboard.

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