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The Choosing of Laser Equipments

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 The Choosing of Laser Equipments

    With the development of laser industry, there is more and more laser manufacturer in the market which had already more than hundred. The wide application of laser in various areas not only increased the total production amount, but also pushed the development of technology. How can we select a valuable laser equipment to get out maximum returns among these manufacturers? Hope following information will give you some hints:
Nowadays, the mainly laser processing equipments are: Laser Marking Machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, and laser wire stripping machine.
        The laser marking machines including; laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, EP semiconductor pump laser marking machine, YAG Laser Marking Machine.
        The features of optical fiber Laser Marking Machine are maintenance exemption, power saving, high accuracy, good properties, high speed, which is suitable for keyboard, integrated circuit, automobile, high level button.
    The features of EP semiconductor Laser Marking Machine are: property stable, maintenance exemption, high accuracy which is suitable for the marking on the digital products, keyboard, IC and high level products.
    The features of YAG pumping Laser Marking Machine are: convenience, low price, wide application, which is suitable for the marking on the low accuracy application.
The features of DP semiconductor Laser Marking Machine is suitable for the metal and nonmetal material, and for the high accuracy application.
      Laser Marking Machine adopts optical laser to put out the laser beam, with it high electricity and light switching rate, small volume, high quality level of beam, which is suitable for the deep, high smooth, high accuracy applications, such as clock, mold and photo marking and so on.
        CO2 Laser Marking Machine can flexibly control the deepness of the engraving, with large power of laser, which is suitable for various kinds of non metal products for engraving and cutting. Without any consumption and low costs, it is mainly applied in crafts, furniture,leather, advertising board, mold making, food package, electrical parts, medical packing, printing plate making and labels of shells.
Laser welding machine is mainly applied for the welding of micro-electrical parts, leading wire of integrated circuit and other precision welding parts, as large power diode, mobile phone battery, electrical parts, welding of shrinker of jeweler. The laser can be classified as laser molding welding machine, general laser mash welding machine, auto laser welding machine and optical transferring laser welding machine.
Laser molding welding can be applied in the mold making and repair of mobile phone, digital products, automobile and motor, and also can be used in manual welding.
General usage laser mash welding can be used in hole patching of gold and silver 首饰,electrical parts, sand hole mash welding, split welding and so on.
Auto laser welding machine is suitable for the auto linear and circuit welding on the metal parts, usually as battery of mobile phone, jewelry, electrical parts, sensor, clock, precision mechanic, communication, crafts and other industry.
Optical transferring laser welding machines can carry out soft transferring non-contact welding to the hard to approach position, which had larger flexibility. Laser beam can fulfill the light splitting on the time and energy, so that this can carry out several machining at the same time, this had provided a processing condition for further precision welding.
Laser wire stripping machine points on the various glasses of shielding layer, isolating layer with high difficulty and special requests, which had solved the problems as difficulties on controlling the wire peeling, unclear cutting line, uncontrollable cutting depth, and problems as can not working on multi layer wire. It can be used for stripping single layer wire, winding displacement, and parallel line, multi-layer wire, which can be applied for communication, mobile phone, medical equipments, tiptop, camera, electrical dictionary and other micro-electrical industry.
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