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paper products  processing technology of Laser cutting machine

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paper products  processing technology of laser cutting machine

        Compared with the traditional die cutting technology, laser machining technology for digital paper products has strong competition ability because of efficiency and flexibility.
       In foreign countries, laser cutting machines’ processing technique for digital paper products has been advertised to utmost and it is used to evaporate materials to finish all kinds of different post-press finishing operation which is being gradually developed to mainstream application now. So how far it could eventually goes?
Standard processing system of laser cutting machine for digital paper products includes a CO2 laser, power supply, cooling device, controller, software, smoke collecting system and reel paper processing system (this is the configuration when there is not integrated with the existing printing or post-press processing line). If the requirement of positioning bushing is a little bit stringent, you still need a visual system based on camera. The investment of this technology is in $18 million dollars to $30 million, equivalent to pre-press systems’ a major upgrade.
Rotary drum laser system can realize stepping type move, made the system moved by the way of intermittent or numerical reading and finished cutting while moving and laser systems continuous movement is based on prior arrangement blanking process. By adjusting the cutting speed of laser cutting machine to let beams penetrate through materials and completely finished cutting. If setting different laser parameter, it can press out different depth of line on materials, or punch a hole on materials.
      Digital paper products processing technology of laser cutting machine has many advantages. From the perspective of flexibility, this technology can process any shapes that have been prepared by the processing procedure and laser finish it in any direction. The shape of the template can be quickly change, do not need help from any tools which has provide the possibility for processing competitive individualization packaging or trademark. Accuracy is also one of the advantages of digital system. Use laser cutting machine to processing on paper products can compensate the inaccurate of printing and post-press processing, such as material may occur telescopic deform, laser can be adjusted according to the deformation, but the traditional template cannot.
        Production efficiency and productivity of laser cutting machines’ digital paper products processing technology is very awesome, we can modify the design at the last minute without influence the whole production process. Simple and complex shape can be accomplished with the same fee and time. From the point of pay back, terminal user can control the short version or in edition production without manufacture a lot of templates. It can respond more quickly according to the customer demand, because it does not need to make moulds.
       laser cutting machine omit all tools applications such as rotating the molds, punching and cutting forming tools.
If we see it from aesthetical angle, it will be the same response too. laser cutting machines’ pressure free cutting process usually would not damage the materials and in test of pressure sensitive label found that through laser light pressure cutting trademark has better stripping than rotating trademark.
Market space
        In the packaging field, the processing market of digital laser paper products is still in infancy, but it is a completely open market and can be applied to various packaging applications.
      More and more enterprises expressed a keen interest in it at present, many of which have digital printing press and they take that a feasible scheme which is laser cutting mechanism template technology will improve the competitiveness of digital printing. According to what has been introduced, laser linear velocity can match with linear digital printing press. Theoretically, users can run continuously ten different printing and post-press processing operations and no need to stop.
       At present, the digital laser paper products processing system has been installed every field in the packaging industry, but most of these systems are quite confidential, manufacturers must sign confidentiality agreement. Although the whole technology has gradually forming up, but the market is still in its initial stage.
        Laser technology of hanzlaser cutting machine applied in packing can be used to achieve specific operation which cannot conduct by die cutting technology, such as round-robin die cutting technology could not hit breathing holes, rotate cannot cut out a very clean and small hole and small hole could be blocked by remaining materials.
The development
       Vendors are trying their best to clear obstacles for the installation of laser. Material compatibility issue has been closely linked with materials manufacturers, especially now laser cutting machine can handle figurate corner of the materials and cutting off the surface materials under the condition of not damage the substrate materials.
        Will laser become the standard of die cutting technology eventually? Experts think it is possible, they think that the traditional die cutting technology will disappear from the main paper products processing enterprises in the next ten years. And everyone will use laser cutting machine system.
       Laser technology is a very special application of post-press processing applications for now. Some experts suggest: laser digital paper products processing is a very high level accurate technology which needs certain cost input. If you using the round-robin technology can achieve the desired speed and precision, then you should continue using the round-robin technology. Every technology has its own space and can be in the same line with good operating.
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