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what is the reason when cutting with shallow or differ?

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 what is the reason when 

Adjust side belts and beams belt, make it firm moderately.
Depth is very shallow or differ, what reason would that be?
Adjust appropriate focal length or not.
1.Watering paper covered on the carving material cover bubble water paper is too much or not, or  2.too much water in the paper.
3.Laser tube is ageing or not.
4.Light path is correct or not.
5.Lens was polluted by thick dust 
6.Lens is broken.
7.Laser tube head was polluted.
8.What is the main reason for engraving machine disorderly carving?
9.Edited documents are correct or not
10.The computer operation is correct or not 
11.Software and encryption card match or not 
12The selected target is beyond layout or not 
Ground wire is connected well or not 
1.Carving machine is not carving. Why?
2.Whether you have already used serial port line to links up computer serial port and carving machine, connections are reliable or not.
3.Software output port setting is consistent with the actual connection or not.
4.Computer serial port conflict, you can use serial port 1 and exchange serial port 2
5.Laser engraver machines common faults and the solving methods
6.Laser head not emit light
 A,According to the operation panel testing key observe ammeter state:
B,no current: check the laser power supply is connected or not, high-voltage wire whether loose or fall off, signal whether loose,
C.Have current: check whether lens is crushed, optical path is badly migrated
Check the water-cycling system is normal or not:
Not the post-cooling water: check whether the water pump is damaged or no electricity,
Post-cooling water: check whether the water inlet and outlet are at the right side or the water-pipe was broken;
It can fix fire, self-checking, send data, but no light (check computer set correctly)
Depth is differ or very shallow
Check whether the water circulatory system flow fluent or not (water pipe buckling or beaching);
Check the focal length is normal or not (re-correct);
1.Check the light path is normal or not (re-correct);
2.Check whether the paper on the carving item is too thick, or too much water in the paper (re-correct);
3.Check whether beams on both sides are parallel or not (modulate belts around);
4.Check the lens are broken or not (replace);
5.Check the lenses or laser tube transmitting terminal are contaminated or not (clean it again);
6.Check whether the water temperature is higher than 30℃ or not (replace circulating water);
7.Check whether misbalanced or focus lens loose (intensify);
8.Laser electric light strong must achieve 8mA; 
9.Laser tube is ageing (replacement: warranty period no fee);
Reset abnormal
1.Check the sensor with ash, whether poor contact or damaged or not (wipe dust away from the sensor or replace it);
2.Check whether the flexible conduction band data line is under poor contact or damaged (whether to shave the data line and insert it again or replace the data line);
3.Check the ground wire contact is reliable or high-voltage wire was damaged or not (afresh the ground wire or replace high-voltage);
4.Motor line poor contact.
Missing Engraving
1.Initialization is not correct, already send data (corrected);
2.Operation order upside down (output again);
3.Electrostatic interference (check whether the ground wire has fall or not),
1.An edited file is correct or not (edit again)
2.The selected target is beyond layout or not (select again);
3.Check software parameters has been set correctly or not (reset)
4.The computer system wrong (reinstall system and software);
5.Check whether belt around firmness the same or back-end belt is too loose or not (belt tightening);
6.Check the belt or synchronous wheel whether skid, jumping gears or not (intensify synchronous wheels or belt);
7.Check the beams are parallel or not (readjust the belt around);
Computer cannot output
 1, check software parameter settings is normal or not (reset);
 2, carving machine is pressed first positioning starting and then output or not (again to output)
 3, check whether the machine has reset or not (correct it again);
 4, check whether the output serial port is consistent with settings (reset);
 5, check whether the ground wire is reliable and electrostatic interference data line or not (afresh ground connection);
6, alter computer output serial port testing;
7, reinstall the software and reset testing;  
8.Formatting disk and reinstall the software testing;
9.Main board serial port damage, it has to be repaired or replaced
Cannot calculate path
10.Check Settings path, see if the calculation method is correct or not
11.Check graphics file format is correct or not (correct it again)  
12.Unloading software, reinstall and install it.
Computer's common problems
1.Font gradually reduce (reinstall the operating system)
2.Data quantity is too big to calculate laser path (wait for a short time or increase computer memory)
3.Calculating paths have no response in a long time, restart your computer test
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