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Laser engraver machines carving glass technical

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Laser engraver machines carving glass technical
       The laser can carve the surface of glass, but carving depth should not too deep and cannot be cutting. Normally broken or frost effect can be formed on the surface of the glass by the laser. Users would hope to get of frost effects not broken which the key is to see the texture of glass and hardness is consistent or not.
 Glass sculpturing is more difficult to control, follow these steps can make a smooth frosting effect on the surface: put a little detergent on the engraving area, get a newspaper or napkin which is slightly bigger than the carving regional, make it fully wetted, and squeeze out excess water, put wet paper flatten in carving regional, do not have wrinkles. Put the glass in carving machines, carving when paper is wet and then take out the glass, remove residues paper, clean surface of the glass. If it is needed, buffing the surface of glass with 3M ScotchBrite. Normally, laser power should be set larger and precision should be 300dpi so that engraving speed might be quicker, so you can try to use a big norms lens for sculpture.
       Notes: you should be more careful when using laser to engrave leady crystal, compared with ordinary crystal, leaded crystal has different coefficients of expansion which may cause crystal crack or broken when carving. Set a small power can avoid this problem, but should always guard if it rupturing.
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