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About the Maintenance of the laser Machines

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Operation Condition of Laser machines

 Environment: the work environment should be clean without dust and vibration source surround.
Temperature: the temperature should be between 10 and 30 degree, and if the temperature is below 0 degree, the water in cooling machine and pipes will freeze, then the laser will be seriously damaged. And too high working temperature and dust in air will increase the break and shutdown of the machine and also the operation life of the machine will be shorten.

   Humidity: 5%-75%, no condensation
  Current: 380VAC+10%, 50HZ, with independent and well ground connection, and set a dedicated air switch with protector of leakage of electricity.

Preparation before operation

   1.Confirm the operation condition meeting with the requirements.

   2.The operators should be special trained before working, and should have knowledge of basic information and operation information of Laser machines.

   3.The machines should be placed on flat floor, after confirming the installing position, the machines should be fixed.

   4.Confirm the power supply is 380V, 50HZ, with well ground connection. The cross area of wire should no less than 4 square meters, with rated current no less than 20A.

   5.Confirm that there is sufficient distilled water or deionized water in cooling machine (spring water or mineral water forbidden)

6.Confirm that all water pipe, connector, wire of power supply and ground connection is correctly connected.

Notices during operation

   1.This machine should be operated and managed by dedicated people and the opening and closing of the machine should be following the operation procedure.

   2.The optical parts had been precision adjust before delivery, so the disassembly is forbidden during the normal operation, or the parts of machine may be damaged and the people may be hurt.

  3.Confirming that the wire for ground connection of power supply is usable to avoid the accident happened.

   4.If the maintenance necessary, cutting off the electricity and waiting for 30 second first, it should be carried after the charges of energy-storage capacitor are all discharged to avoid electric shock.

5.Forbidden the starting of power supply for laser under no water or abnormal of water cycle conditions or the laser crystal will be burned because too hot. Keep the cleanness of water, and periodically clean the water container and change the cooling water (with the first three month of new machine, water should be changed once of two weeks, and then can be one month or by visual inspection)

Maintenance of machine

  1.Cleanness of machine: no special cleaning is needed, it only need to use wet soft cloth or brush to clean.

   2.Optical parts: the focus lens should be cleaned by alcohol with purity 99%, with wet soft cloth or dedicated lens cloth. It should not clean other lens to avoid the deviation of light path. Their cleaning should be carried out by professional worker.

   3.Periodically clean the water container and change the cooling water (with the first three month of new machine, water should be changed once of two weeks, and then can be one month or by visual inspection)

   4.There is a filter in water container which needed periodically changing to avoid the block of water flow.

    5.If the machine will hold for a certain period of time (1 hour at least), please stop the machine to decrease the unnecessary consumption of machine and electricity.

   6.The indoor temperature should not be too high or too humid (<30 degree), and it will create condensation by large different of temperature during the operation. The condensation will cause the damage of end face of YAG crystal.  

Note: The adjustment of laser should be carried out by trained person, or laser imbalance or deviation will caused damage of other parts.


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