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Application Areas of Laser Welding

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1、Application in manufacture area
Tailored Bland Laser Welding technology had been widely applied in the manufacture area of automobile, according to the statistics, there were more than 100 production lines of tailored bland welding all over the world in year 2000, with annually output 700million pieces and still under fast growing. The import bands, as Passat, Buick, Audi, are also adopting the tailored bland construction. Japan had already replaced the welding method of rolling steel from sparking welding to Co2 laser welding. While in the study of the welding of super-thin pieces, e.g. the welding of chaff plate with thickness less than 100 microns, which can not be fusion welded, they found that it can be successfully welded together by YAG laser welding with special output wave shape. It shows the wider application prospection of the laser welding. Japan first successfully applied the YAG laser welding into the maintenance of mini tube of steam generators in the nuclear reactor. Su Baorong and his fellows had carried the study on the laser welding technology to the gears.

2、Application in powder metallurgy area

With the development of the science, many industrial technologies raise more and more special requirements on the materials, and the present casting method is far away to meet the needs of materials manufacturing. Because the advantages of special properties and manufacturing features of powder metallurgy material, it is now replacing more and more traditional casting materials in some areas, as automobile, air flight, tooling. With its developments, the connection problems between the powder metallurgy materials and other parts, had become more and more obviously, and which had already limited the wider application of powder metallurgy materials. At the beginning of 80’s, with its special advantages, laser welding had been brought into the processing of powder metallurgy area, and this had created a new developing prospect of the application of powder metallurgy materials. For example, brazing welding, which we normally adopted in the connection between diamonds, because of the low bond strength and wide heat affected zone, especially not suitable for the high temperature and strength requirements, it will result in the smelting and peeling off of the brazing filler metal. Laser welding will enhance the welding strength and the performance of temperature resistance.

3、Application in automobile area

In 80’s, 20 century, kilowatt-class laser had successfully applied in the industrial production, and now the laser welding production had widely used in the production of automobile, which had become one of the most outstanding achievements in the automobile industry. Earlier in 80s, 20 century, European automobile manufacturers as Audi, Benz, VW, Volvo had already applied the laser welding into the welding of roof, body, and side frame. In 90s, GE, Ford, Chrysler also brought the laser welding into the production of automobile, although the start was late, the development was fast. Most of the combination of the parts of Fiat cars is achieved by laser welding. The production of automotive panel sheet of Nissan, Honda, and Toyota are also bringing in laser welding and cutting. The high-strength laser welded parts, because its super properties, it is more and more used in the production of the automobile. According to the statistics of American metal market, till the end of 2002, the consumption of laser welded parts will reach 70000T, which is 3 times more than in 1998. Developing with the production features of the automobile industry as large and automatic production, laser welding equipments are also to be larger power and directive. On the view of technology, American Sandia National Laboratory and Prattwitney had started the study of adding powder metal and metal wire while welding process. Bremen, in German, had taken a large number of studies on using laser welding on the welding of Al alloys of car body frame, and he thought adding some padding metals in the welding line is helpful to the removing of hot crack, improving welding speed, solving tolerance problem. The developed production line had already put into production in Benz.

4、Electrical Industry 

In electrical industry, especially in micro-electrical industry, laser welding was widely applied. Because of its effects as small hot effected area, low thermal stress, it has its unique superiority in the sealing of integrated circuit and shell of semiconductor parts. In the development of vacuum parts, the laser welding is also widely applied, as Mo focusing electrode and stainless steel supporting rings, flash cathode filament assembly and so on. The thickness of flexible thin wall beading is between 0.05-0.1mm, so that it is very difficult to solve the welding problem just by traditional welding method. It is very easy for TIG welding to weld out, and the stability of plasma welding is low, therefore, laser welding is the best choice, and had widely applied.

  The laser welding of biological tissue had started at 70s, 20 century. Klink and his fellows had successfully welded the oviduct and blood vessel together and it had shown the outstanding advantages of laser welding on the biomedicine application. There are more and more researchers try to welding various kinds of biological tissues, and bring this welding technology into other application. Domestic and oversea researches on the nerve welding of laser are mainly focusing on the wavelength of laser, dose of laser and its recovery function, and solder selection. Liu Tongjun, who had carried out the study of laser welding on small blood vessel and skin, and the study of laser welding to the common bile duct of rattus norvegicus. Comparing with the tradition welding method, laser welding makes the recovery faster, without foreign body reaction. It can keep the mechanical properties of welding location, and keep the recovering tissue can growing at the normal situation. Therefore, the application of laser welding will become wider and wider.

6.Other area
  In other area, laser welding will also gradually, especially in the welding area of special materials, such as BT20 Ti alloy, HE130 alloy, Li-ion battery widely applied. The glass machinery manufacturer GlamacoCoswig Company in German and IFW joint technology and material laboratory had cooperated on the development of a new kind of laser welding technology for the flat glass. 

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