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Application of metal shell laser welding machine

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Galvanometric laser welding adopts galvanometric scanning. With features as high welding speed, high accuracy, and high quality light beam, it had occupied the welding market of metal shell.

Metal shell laser welding machine is especially suitable for the precision point of various kinds of parts. The imported technologies as YAG solid laser, laser power supply, optics scanning system and three dimensional platform had greatly decreased the welding locating time, which 400 times increased the efficiency than the normal welding technology.

Galvanometric laser welding machine owns 1.064um wavelength, 300w output. Both the pulse frequency and width can be adjusted according to the needs, the welding depth can reach 0.2-0.8mm, which accompanies a 3P water cooling and it can fulfill the 24 hours continuously working.

Galvanometric laser welding machine is suitable for the point welding of metal shell, screening can of mobile phone, micro electrical and super thin stainless steel, and it also suitable for the welding of battery. With its excellent effects, it is favorable in the market.  

This type adopts windows operation platform, the welding software is easy for operation with stable energy, convenience operation, simple mainten

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