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Advantage & disadvantage analysis of laser welding machine

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Standing in customer’s point of view and with our many years of experience in laser industry, we analyse and think the main advantage of laser welding machine as follows:
1.laser welding machine could reduce its heat demand to min degree, small  metallographic change range in heat affected zone, lowest deforming caused by heat conduction.
2.Single pass welding parameter of 32mm thickness of plating has been certificated qualified, it could reduce welding time of thick plates, even can save filler metal.
3.Needn’t electrode, no electrode pollution or loss, furthermore, it isn’t belong to contact-type welding processing, so the consumption & deforming of machine and tools could be reduced to min degree.
4.Laser beam is easy to focus, aim and guided by optical instrument, could be placed with a suitable distance to work piece, and could be guided again between surrounding machines and tools or barriers, while other welding methods cann’t work due to the above space constraint.
5.Work piece can be placed in a closed space(vacuumized or interior gaseous environment be controlled)
6.Laser beam could focus at a small zone, applicable to weld small size & small internal parts.
7.Suitable for various material, also could joint heterogeneous material.
8.Automatic high speed welding, could be controlled by numerical digit or computer.
9.When welding thin wall material or fine diameter wire rods, there is no meltback phenomenon as arc welding.
10.Wouldn’t be effected by magnetic field(arc welding and electron beam welding will), can aim at weldment accurately.
11.Can weld two kinds of metal with different physical properties(such as with different electric resistance)
12.Needn’t vacuum, also doesn’t need X ray protection.
13.When fulfill perforating welding, the depth-width rate of welding pass could achieve 10:1.
14.Could switch device to transfer laser beam to multiple workstation.
The main disadvantage as follows:
1. Weldment position must be accurate, it should be controlled in the focusing range of laser beam.
2. When weldment should be fixed by fixture, its final position should aim at welding point accurately.
3. Max welding thickness is 19mm, and it isn’t suitable for production line.
4. The weldability of high reflectivity & high-thermal conductivity material would be changed by laser, such as aluminum, copper and their alloy etc.
5. When fulfill laser beam welding with middle and high energy, should use plasma controller to get rid of ionized gas surrounding molten bath, to ensure welding pass’s reapparition.
6. Energy conversion efficiency is too low, usually below 10%.
7. Welding pass flash set, there maybe has pores and embrittlement trouble.
8. laser welding machine is expensive.



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