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laser compare to traditional processing way

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   The characteristics of laser  

Compared with traditional process method (like machinery, chemistry, electroform, and mold etc.) ,the comparative advantage of laser process method.  


Laser beam have nice monochromaticity, coherence, direction, it is easy to guide, focus, and realize the direction transform  

Its space and time control is very good, and extremely easily cooperated with numerical control system, so laser technology is a information technology based equipment and advanced manufacturing technology.  

It can realize the processing for complicated components cooperated with numerical control system.  


The energy density of laser beam is high, high energy and high focus  

Process speed, stable process quality and high production efficiency.  

Local processing to the laser irradiation parts have no effect, or a little, and less subsequent processing.  

It is suitable to the most metal and nonmetal material, especially hardness and high melting point material which the tradition technology can not process, and it is one of the key technology to transform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry.  


Non- touch  

Since laser processing is non-touch, and no direct impact for the components, the components have no mechanical deformation, no impact noise and tool wear.  

It has great freedom for the material, shape, size and processing environment of the object, especially suitable for the automatic processing.  

It broke through the limit for the light, soft, thin material processing, and low processing loss, high yield products.  



Traditional processing methods have the difficult to raise the product accuracy.  


Cost performance  

Compared with the indirect processing way which use mold and cost much, laser processing can save the time and cost to open a mold, short production cycle, speed, high efficiency, and less cost.  

We can use the laser to do the volume production directly for the high accuracy, complex products, and the products whose design changed more and research samples which quantity is small, is can save mold use (the mold production cycle is long and the cost is high), like FPC cutting.  


Laser beam clean is pollution-free  

Laser clean technology adoption can deplete particle pollution of the process components and increase the yield of accurate components.  



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