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Problems and solutions of laser marking in packaging and printing industry

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Problems and solutions of laser marking in packaging and printing industry

Laser marking machine’s application in packaging and printing industry increased year by year. All high-grade daily consumption in packaging anti-counterfeiting cannot inseparable from Laser Marking Machine.

There are production problems and solving methods below.

During the marking process of Laser Marking Machine, the common quality problems and their solutions are as follows.

  1. Laser Marking Machine logo design locally breezing

Causes: thickness of mold pressing board version is uneven. Mold pressing pressure is too small. The heating temperature is too low or machine precision is declining.

Solutions: check the thickness of mold pressing board is uniform or not. Mold pressing pressure is too small. The temperature is too low. The machine precision is declining.

Process control points: thickness error of mold pressing board should be controlled within 0. O01mm. Hardness should keep at 230-280N/mm. Because the hologram is through put some pressure on molding roller and molding out the interference fringes. If the hardness of mold pressing board is insufficient then inner stress will make mold pressing board deformation or damage during the pressing. 

 (2) Laser Marking Machine logo design is dim and dark

Causes: generally has something to do with the heating temperature and mold pressing pressure.

Solutions: check the heating temperature is too low or not. Molding pressure is falling or not.

Process control points: setting molding pressing pressure, we should take mold temperature, types of holographic material, softening point of coating layer and the situation of molded version, etc. into account. If the pressure is too high, mold pressing board is easy damaged. Or it will crush down holographic materials. If the pressure is too low, mold pressing image will be dimness and incomplete. As for round press round way, initial pressure of pressure roller in both sides is in commonly around 0.08 MPa, after the start of mold pressing, molding pressure roller pressure will slowly uniformity increase to 0, 30 ~.50 MPa. Mold pressing speed can be adjusted based on pressure seal quality and machine performance.

 (3) Laser Marking Machine logo design turns pale

Solutions: check whether mould pressing speed is too slow. Mould pressing temperature is too high.

 (4) Laser Marking Machine logo film sticky on the mainboard

Causes: hot-pressing temperature is higher than degradation temperature, painting sticky enlarges. It will cause sticky on the mainboard and make the film winding around holographic stamping roller.

Solutions: lessen hot-pressing temperature.


(5) Some of Laser Marking Machine logo design are clear, some are fuzzy

Causes: temperature distribution of hot pressing device is non-uniform or mold pressing board is uneven.

Solutions: check whether temperature distribution of hot-pressing device is uniform or not, mold pressing board is deformed or damaged.

 (6) Laser Marking Machine logo film have horizontal (longitudinal) ruffle

Causes: rewind or rewinding tension is under improper control.

Solutions: properly adjust rewind tension or rewinding tension until eliminate the ruffle.

  Problems and solutions in application:

(1) Laser Marking Machine logo become warped label

Causes: sub bottom of laser hologram logo is aluminum film. Aluminum film must be certain degree of hardness. Viscosity of the adhesive is not enough. This phenomenon easily appears in pill case or sealed labeling of wine box.

Solutions: appropriately lowering thickness of the aluminum film, thicken glue line or improve the viscosity of adhesive.

 Process control points: grasp well the thickness of adhesive. Especially in summer when the temperature is high, adhesive will melt and overflow for high temperature which will dirty prints.

 (2) It is very difficult to scrape anti-counterfeit marking scratch layer of Laser Marking Machine

Causes: scratch layer and laser holographic planes cohere too tight

Solutions: you should spurt anti-counterfeiting code on the laser holographic marking logo first and then do the light processing, finally use coating to scrape the layer.

Process control points: you should pay attention to the quality of the polish oil coating. Otherwise, it'll scrape anti-counterfeiting code when open it. From the interview we learned that laser holographic anti-counterfeit marking production technology has been maturely developed and also quite popular. Simply using laser holographic anti-counterfeit marking has lost the anti-counterfeiting efficacy. There are two ways available for laser holographic logo, one is increasing technical content which should be innovation and development of higher level technical laser anti-counterfeit marking, another is that combined with printing, reached stereo combined of printing anti-counterfeit and laser holographic anti-fake.

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