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Equipment routine maintenance

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 Equipment routine maintenance:

1. Don't use inferior circulating water. Inferior water can seriously affect the laser power and shorten the service life of laser tube because if you use inferior water will damage the laser tube which is not guaranteed to repair. So we highly suggest you use purified water or distilled water.

2. Cooling water should be no less than 30 liters, and the water must be submerged the submersible pump.

3. During processing, you must always detect water temperature, once you feel the water is warming, you need to change water immediately (one way do not influence working is to spare parts hot water out and replace with cold water).

4. Unless you have special needs, the light intensity should not be adjusted more than 80%, in case of laser tube rapidly aging.

5. Water tank, water pump and in-outlet water hose must be cleaned every three days.

6. Before starting work, lens must be cleaned every day (note: not off work).

7. Carefully clean the machine when 1# and 2# reflect mirrors are on board, otherwise you must re-adjust the light path!

8. If you need to clear 3 # reflector mirror and 3 #focus lens, you must dismantle them and then do the cleanness, after cleaning, lens must be installed firm but not too tight in case of broken.

9. Before operation, please pay attention to the focus distance, because wrong focus distance will seriously affect engraving effect.

10. The worktop should be cleared after the work finished, pay attention to avoid the dust flying.

11. It should be cleared after daily work. In the situation of out of power, you can slowly nudge beams and the trolley, but fierce push or pull are forbidden.

12. Guide rail must be cleaned and add lubricating oil the motion guide rail every other week.

13. Clear the peripheral of machine (fan and pump) every two week

14. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our company's customer service:

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