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Five factors influence the cutting quality of CO2 laser

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 Laser is the heart of Laser machine, which plays a decisive role to the quality of laser cutting. A good laser should have capabilities as with perfect model and stable power. There are a lot of types of laser, which can be defined into different definition at different point of view. They adopt different solid or air materials as motivate medium, as the earliest laser adopt red ruby as the medium. The most popular laser is CO2 laser, followed by YAG laser. The features of YAG laser are high efficiency of photoelectric conversion and small size, but its application is greatly limited because of its fast wastage of energy pumping source and expensive maintenance cost. If adopt CO2 laser, it is more easy to get ideal laser model and high energy and together with its stable performance and short downtime, it is widely used in the cutting of various materials.

1.Motivation method: CO2 Laser machine is motivated the CO2 air by electrode to get laser. It can be divided into DC motivation and RF motivation according to the assembling position of metal electrode.

 2. Laser frequency: Laser output method consists of pulse output and continuous output. The laser for cutting and welding mainly adopts pulse output, and the laser frequency will influence the cutting speed and roughness of cutting slot. High frequency is necessary to get the fast cutting. Nowadays, the frequency of CO2 Laser machines from most makers is less than 5000Hz.

3.Angle of divergence of beam: Strictly speaking, angle of divergence of beam is a part of laser, but because of greatly influence of laser model on the angle of divergence on distance, we always consider them together. The influence of angle of divergence of beam on the cutting quality is shown as the width and the slope. The smaller the width of angle of divergence of beam is, the smaller the slope of cutting slot will be, and therefore the quality will be better.

  4.Laser model: It is one of most important indexes to measure laser quality. It can be divided into single model, ground model and multimodal. Ground model is TEM-00 model, and the index numbers on both X and Y axes are zero, so it is a perfect dot. The smallest beam diameter can get by using TEM-00 model. Therefore the minimum cutting slot and the fastest cutting speed can be achieved because of the small spot during the cutting processing. While the index numbers of multimodal on X and Y axes are not zero, with lower beam quality, it is only used in welding instead of cutting.

5.Laser power: peak power and energy stability included. Different thickness can be cut under different power in the process of metal plate cutting. Take 4KW laser machine as an example, it can handle 20mm thick carbon board, 15mm stainless steel and 10mm aluminum alloy.  As for laser machine with power above 5KW, it can handle 25mm carbon steel and 20mm stainless steel. Another power index is the power stability, excellent cutting quality determined by perfect cut slot. Long-time production is also a very important test on laser. DC motivated laser because of electrode ablation, long-time production will result in the decrease of power. Moreover, resonant cavity may be contaminated by the usage of lube oil in vacuum pump and turbo pump of the laser, thus the life time of Laser machine shortened.

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