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How to maintain laser welding machine

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 Laser routine maintenance

Notes: laser maintenance must be conducted by specially trained person otherwise it is very easy to cause serious artificial damage.
1) in order to guarantee the normal work state of laser, continuous work two weeks or stop using for a period of time, before starting, the first thing you need to do is to check YAG stick, medium diaphragm and the lens protection glass which belongs to light path components, make sure that each optical components is without dust pollution and mildewy etc, if the above phenomenon happened it shall be tackled immediately to ensures that each optical components will not be damaged under intense laser irradiation. (If the usage environment of equipment is clean, examinations above may be accordingly extended to one month or even longer.)

2) the purity of cooling water is to guarantee the output efficiency of laser and key component life  of the laser light-gathering cavity, inspect the conductivity rate of inner circulating water once within a week, and ensure that the conductivity rate is 3.05 MW, cm, deionized water of inner circulation must be replaced monthly, the conductivity rate of the new infuse water must be 32MW, cm. Always observe color changes in ion-exchange column of the cooling system, once the color of resin in exchange column turned into dark brown or black, it should be replaced immediately.

3) Equipment operators should always use black like paper to check laser output flare, once flare is uneven or energy drops or this sort of phenomenon happens, you should promptly adjust the laser resonant cavity to ensure the quality of laser output beam. Typical flare images are as follows: not adjustable flare, laser resonator adjustment

Warning: this product belongs to four kinds of laser equipment, directly strong laser irradiation will cause severe damage to human skin, especially will make eyes blind, commissioning operators must possess laser security common sense, during work, the operator  must wear a special laser protection glass with a 1.064 mm wavelength.

Notes: when strong laser directly irradiate lumber or this sort of inflammables, it will cause fire, during debugging process, a good absorb performance ferrous metal materials should be placed in the laser output optical path as beam termination implement in case of causing fire accident.

Notes: laser adjustments must be conducted by specially trained personnel otherwise it will cause the damage of components on other light path for laser disorders or adjust deviation.

Adjustment procedures of laser resonator are as follows:

1. Check the benchmark light source

Red semiconductor laser is the benchmark of the entire optical path, must ensure its accuracy is the first thing to do. Use a simple height gauges to check whether red light is parallel with top surface guide rail of optical benches and in the center line of two rails of light benches, if deviation happens you can use six tightened screws to adjust it. After adjustment you should check it again whether all tightening screws are totally screwed down.

2. Adjust the position of output mirrors (output medium diaphragm)

Before you adjust the output mirror, all light-gathering cavities which are equipped with YAG stick should be taken away in case of influencing adjustment accuracy because of refractive error of YAG stick in the optical path. Location of output medium diaphragm should be where the red light in the middle and it can fully reflect red light back to the output hole or you should carefully adjust it through the knob of diaphragm frame. After adjustment you should completely lock the lock circle which is on the adjustment knob of the diaphragm frame, ensuring its stability and then check it again whether the location of the reflected light is still the same place.

3. Check the installation position of great YAG stick

Post some transparent tapes respectively on both ends of the YAG stick, check whether red flare is in the middle position of the two stick drive pipes, if there is any deviation, you should correct it by adjusting the position of light focusing cavity. Then observe the reflected light position of YAG stick which should be overlapped with red light, otherwise you should adjust the position of light focusing cavity in the premise of keeping the red light in the center of stick drive pipes, make the reflected light as close as possible to the output perforating hole, at least guarantee the deviation of output perforating hole is less than 1mm.

4. Adjust the position of all-trans mirror (all-trans medium diaphragm)

First step: check whether red light is in middle position of the medium diaphragm, otherwise you should adjust the installation position of medium diaphragm frame and ensure that red light is in the center position of the medium diaphragm.

Second step: coarse tuning the knob of the medium diaphragm frame, make the red lights reflect back to the perforation hole.

Step 3: adjust pulse width to about 2ms, adjust repeat frequency to 0Hz, trample the pedal switch make the pulsating xenon lamp spark, with a completely flash exposure all black developingpaper in front of the output mirror where you can see laser came out of it, repeatedly adjust two knobs of the diaphragm frame to make the output flare most round and uniform and then gradually reduce the  current to 120A and carefully fine-tune the knob to make sure that  the most round strongest part of the light spot which are on the developingpaper concentrated in the center of the light spot.

Step fourth: check whether laser and red light overlap or not, fix developingpaper on the front of the laser output mirrors and keep it as far as possible from the output mirrors, send a laser pulse, observe whether flare centers on developingpaper is overlapped with red light center, if they do not overlap, then you can fine-tune output mirrors and all reflect lens to make flare overlapped with red light, then fixed developingpaper on a 800 ~ 1000mm away from laser output mirrors  place, recheck whether light spot is in the superposition with red light. If the two can overlap very well then that means laser has been adjusted in the best state.

Step fifth: lock each adjustment knob and recheck light spot on developingpaper is good or not, and coaxial with red light. Otherwise you should readjust it.

5. Check the position of light brake

Artificially rotating reflect lens stents, push light brake to block light position, observe whether the red light is in the middle and the reflected light beam is located in the center of light terminate device or not, if in an incorrect position, it can be adjusted, finally, you should carefully examine reflect lenses of light brake are clean or not, for contaminated lens will crack in no time during usage.

Thus laser parts adjustment works namely have been finished.

Cooling system maintenance

1 the main content of the cooling system maintenance

The main content of the maintenance include check the cooling water quality and cleaning water tank and the pipeline and protection circuit action is normal or not, etc.

In the case of frequent usage, you should check water conditions once a week in order to ensure the quality of cooling medium. The method of the examination is to place a 2MW resistance multi meter and two watch pen’s metal portion exposed with 1cm spacing, insert it parallel to the cooling water and the resistance readings should be greater than 250kW at least. If the reading is below this numerical, cooling water should be replaced immediately.

2 check protection chain circuit and stainless steel rod

This cooling system specifically target at the characteristics of laser equipment, so design the over temperature audible alarm and protective measures like over temperature chain, flow switch chain, liquid protection chain etc. During the usage, you should always check all the protection circuit above to ensure the normal function of it. You can check the work when changing water.


In a high temperature or damp environment, you should always check if there is a condensation phenomenon because of low temperature in cooling water circulation pipes or laser focusing cavity during the laser operation, condensation phenomenon appears can cause crystal YAG end face damaged and lower the output power even cannot let out light. You should be cautions when you using it. If the condensation phenomenon appears you must stop the using the laser welding machine and wait for cavity surface water natural drying and then re-exam optical surface conditions of YAG to determine whether the YAG stick need to be cleaned or not, if everything is normal then you can start it again, before you start it please appropriate higher the limit temperature of thermostat.

You should also observe whether it is frosting on titanium tube of refrigeration system during normal operation, if it appears frost, it might be caused by shortage of Freon in refrigeration system, you shall get a related professional to supplement it and check whether there are revealed.

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