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Solutions for laser marking (automobile industry)

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Solutions for laser marking (automobile industry)

Auto factory produce nameplate, VIN yards, engine and laser marking logo of auto body.

Introduction of flexible logos and tag system materials:

Flexible paper signs are also called "laser labels" and "prevent tampering with product label" which can replace the original aluminum panels used by American 3M Corporation and Germany's Sally tape company.


Content etched by laser cannot be altered and materials can be easily fragile and cannot be fully tore off, heat resistance, wear-resisting, solvent resistance, resistance changes in the weather.

Such as DE Sally 6930 which is called high-quality prevent tampering with identification tag and safety labels. It will cause laser sensitive pigment of label materials cannot recover change when laser etching, so it is a permanent identifier.

DE Sally 6931, called data load protect tag, with several layers of transparent protective film, laser etching data through protective film. Every time after spraying the car body, stripping a layer of protection slice and data are clearly visible. It is patent products.

Previous identifier craft:l

Body panels and VIN yards are using steam drive marking mark on aluminium board and then riveting it fixed on cars, engine use steam drive directly marking on it.

New GB requirements:

The vehicle: there have generally using flexible paper signs for marks abroad. When our new GB7258-2004 is replaced by the old one GB7258-1997,  4. 1. 2 clause specified that it need to adopt permanently products scutcheon.

Products scutcheon should be fixed on cars by welding and this sort of method which cannot be damaged by destructive operation and be a unloaded way. Therefore, in principle signs should not rivet fixed on a vehicle. It is required to use flexible logo and tag system, and etching mode should be contended in the flexible scutcheon project. Use laser marking on laser marking tag board and then paste.

Engine: new GB7258-2004 4.1.4 regulation: engine type and release numbers should be carved or cast out on the cylinder, if carving or cast out the engine type and release numbers is invisible, then permanent engine type and release numbers should be added in engine visible parts for identification, if you use flexible tags, the content of the project should adopt etching mode.

Usage of new process:

You can use laser or pneumatic to mark aluminum panels. But you must use laser to mark flexible tag board which is called laser etching.

Usage scope:

1. The VIN one-dimensional barcode on the front left windscreen of the car.

2. Scutcheon of the car (temporarily not every factory will use flexible paper signs but well-known imported cars will be required to use flexible paper signs.

3. Automobile engine shell.

4. Other usage components: air conditioning tags, airbag warning labels, pressure tags, tire pressure labels, fuel tags, key labels, oil pressure labels, bar code labels, cooling system labels, vehicle emission control tags.

According to statistics, 32 places of a Mercedes car can use laser paper label parts.

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