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common fault on laser machine

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 Common fault maintenance

Analysis method

Processing method

1. For example, if used in a rubber version industry, and offset plate impurity, there appears a problem. And this should have no influence, no need to process. It is recommended that customers should adopt high-quality offset plate.

2. Check whether the blue gas ejector of the laser head has strong air jet, for the reason that tracheal path is long and easy to discount, jam or torn

Clean or replace blue jet tube

There is spark light at the mouth of the little car head.

3. Check whether the pump itself is a fault, such as the gas pump has little gas to go out or it doesn't work

Replace the pump

1. The laser light is too strong. Under the premise of the guarantee of the cutting depth, try to minimize light intensity.

2. Continuous uninterrupted long working hours, the customers are required to stop using it for half an hour every three hours,

3. Check whether the cooling water outlet pipe is normal or not, whether the backflow smooth, or machines latex tube is at a discount.

Straighten out water pipe, make the water flows smooth.

4. Check whether the water pump goes into a water pipe, whether the discharging tube is dirty, or whether water protection is blocked.

Clean water pumps and water pipe, replace the water protection.

The temperature of the recycled water goes up quickly.

5. View whether the submersible pump water yield and water pressure is normal, such as the water is very small.

Replacement of the pump and cold water machine

1. To first ensure that users’ power supply system is normal. Low voltage is easy to cause the cold water machine alarm. Ensure normal voltage, if necessary, regulator can be chosen to use.

2. See whether water yield of the cold water machine within is enough. Too little water will give an alarm.

Filled with pure water

3. Whether water pipes are blocked or discount, will cause an alarm.

Clean or straighten out the water pipe and water protection

4. Check whether water temperature is exorbitant. If it is more than the threshold level, it will cause an alarm.

Should often change water, or stop the machine for half an hour to start it to sculpture.

Chillers alarm

5. Check whether the cold water pump is effluent normally, if no water or little water, replace the cold water machine.

Current instability

1.If the mainboard or wiring board has a problem, replace wiring board or the motherboard.

No control

2. If laser power has a problem, change laser power supply.

1. First to determine the position of the high voltage spark, if it is at the joint of laser tube and laser power supply voltage, see whether it is placed right or damp under the high pressure support.

Block the joint on the isolation mount or dry wet part with hairdryer.

2. Check whether the high pressure joint is docking firm, or even virtual docking, virtual welding.

Ensure that there is no virtual joint, docking solder firm

3.If it strikes a light inside laser power supply, change laser power supply.
Strike spark under high pressure when working

4. Laser tube strike spark under the high pressure or replace laser power still spark

Replacement of laser tube

Cleaning the uneven

Check the lens and optical path

Clean lenses, reset light path

2. Check the image resolution and scanning precision, increase the image resolution and scanning accuracy or deeply shallow

3. Laser tube aging or problem of laser power:

Change laser tube or laser power supply

Hook side of the straight line
1.If the reflector or focus lens have loose, fix car head or replace slider

A wave phenomenon

2. If the mechanical parts have problems, make an overhaul.

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