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Common fault maintenance on laser machine

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Common fault maintenance

Fault phenomena

Analysis method

Processing method

1. Measure whether beam is parallel. Normally, or deviation for left and right should not be greater than 2 MM.

Adjust the beam parallel, reduce errors.

2. Check whether the firmness of the car belt and beams belt is appropriate, and that the tension degree of two side belt is the same.

Adjust the belt, and both sides are reasonable, and don't have great difference.

Crispening is not closed

3. In the state of starting the machine, push and pull the car and beams with the hand, move the car head top and down gently, see if there were any mechanical gap, such as a motor or transmission shaft synchronous round up, change the slider

1. Any graphics, too fast all can cause dislocation and reduce the speed of work.

2. In the output software, amplify the original graphics to find out whether there is dislocation itself and correct errors in the original graphics.

3. Try to do another piece of the sample, see if only some graphics has a problem, and if there is no graphics data errors in the chart, redone rendering.

4. Check whether the synchronous belt is too loose, and whether the belt tension on both sides of the beam is the same.

Adjust the firmness of the synchronous belt

Cleaning or crochet dislocation

5. Check whether Motor and transmission shaft synchronous wheel is tighten and whether synchronous wheel have clearance

6. Check whether beam is parallel, and whether beams bearing and car slider are abraded now.

Adjust the parallel degree of the beam,

Replace bearings or the slider

7. The mainboard or driver default

 Replace the motherboard or driver

1. If too fast and slow down

2. If use BMP bitmap graphics output format, check the image resolution

In the premise of graphics correct size, try to increase the image resolution

3. Check whether the trolley and beams synchronous belt is too loose or too tight

Adjust the synchronous belt tension.

4. Check whether X to the tensioner appears gap

Replace the tensioner

5. In the state of power off, check out whether the car head or the slider has clearance.

Replace the slider or fastening the car head

6. See whether four pieces of laser lens have damaged or being loose, especially the car head’s top part reflector and focus lens is installed firmly

Tighten the lens that have been loosed, or change the damaged lenses

Cleaning or hang up a side

A serrated

7. Check whether beams bearing and pedestal wheel have abrasion.

Replace bearings or bearing wheel

1. Check whether the focal length is correct, especially after cleaning lens or replacing new lens (here pay attention to the fact that focus lens has directivity.)

Adjust the focal length to be correct

2. Check whether four pieces of glasses have damaged or been too dirty (lens being damaged or dirty can make the laser scattered)

Replace or clean lens

Bad cleaning effect

Very thick hook article line

3. Check out the mouth of laser tube light spot, if appear quality two points or light, not round the phenomenon such as hollow, laser tube for supporting points, direction is appropriate, laser tube itself, the rotation direction, adjust the bearing replacement of laser tube

Check out the quality of light spot at the mouth of laser tube, if it appears that two points or the spot are not round and hollow, and check whether laser tube for supporting points is the right direction of laser tube itself

Adjust the supporting, the rotation direction,  replacement of laser tube

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