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 1. the replacement of the water and the cleaning of the tank (suggest cleaning the water tank, changing circulating water every week)

Note: Before the machine works, it must ensure that laser tube is full of circulating water.
The water quality and water temperature of circulating water directly affect the service life of laser tube. It is recommended to use pure water, and water temperature should be controlled below 35 ℃. It needs to change the circulating water if more than 35 ℃ , or add the water ice into the water and lower the temperature, (suggest users to select cooling machine, or use two water tank).

Cleaning tank (change water): first of all, turn off the power supply, pull up water inlet pipe. Let the water within the laser tube automatically flow into water tank, remove the water pine and signal line. Open the water tank, empty the dirt inside the water cooling machine, replace the circulating water and make a good connection of the water pipes and signal lines, then clear up the joints. Turn on the power, and run 2-3 minutes (make a certain that laser tube is filled with circulating water).

2. Fan clean

The use of the fan for a long time can accumulate a lot of solid dust within the fan, and cause much noise, which is also not good for exhausting and removing the bad smell. When there is inadequate suction and fan smoke is not free, the first we should do is to shut off the power discharge the blast pipe in and out to remove the dust off, then turn over the fan and stir the wind leaf inside until it is clean, and then stall it.

3, lens clean (suggest cleaning it before using every day, equipment should be in the state of powering off.)

There are three pieces of inflectors and a piece of focus lens on engraving machine (No.1 mirror is located in the launch mouth of laser tube, that is at the upper left of the machine, No. 2 mirror is located in the left end of the crossbar, No.3 mirror is located on the top of the fixed part of the laser head, focus lens is located at the bottom of the laser head adjustable in a cylindrical tube), laser is to reflect through these lens, and launch out after focusing. Lens is easy to contact dirt or other contaminants, causing loss or damage of the laser lens, No. 1 and No. 2 lens must be taken down when cleaning, and just need to be wiped with cleaning brush lens paper carefully along the central to the edge by rotary. No. 3 lenses and focus lens needs to take out of frames, wipe with the same method, after that, it will be Ok to repack originally.

Note: (1) the lens should be wiped gently, do not damage the surface coating; (2) in the process of wiping, it should be gently taken and put, to avoid falling; (3) As to the installation of focus lens , please be sure to keep the convex side face down.

4, guide rail clean (suggest to clean every half a month under the state of shut- down condition.)

Guide rail and straight spools, as the core parts of the equipment box, which perform the functions of guidance and supporting. In order to make sure the machine is of high machining accuracy, the requirement of the guide and straight spools is of high precision and good running smoothness. When the equipment is running, for the special processing produces a large number of corrosive dust and smog which will deposited on the surface of guide and straight spools in a large amount for a long time and have a great influence on the processing accuracy, also will be finally formed into erosion point, shortening the service life of equipment. In order to let the machine work normally and stably and ensure the processing quality of products, keep doing good daily maintenance of guide rail and straight spools.

Note: to clean guide rail, please prepare--dry cotton cloth, lubricating oil.

Guide rail of engraving machine falls into linear guide (guide rail and the slider) and roller guide (nylon wheel, bearings, partiality axis). Linear guide clean: firstly, move the laser head to the right side (or the left), wipe it with dry cloth to clean until light clean, and add up a little lube oil, and then push it around slowly several times left and right to make sure that oil can be evenly distributed.

The cleanness of the roller guide: move the beam to the inner side, open the cover on both sides of the machine, with dry cloth cover, wiped clean the two sides that contact the guide rail with rolling wheel, and moving the beam, cleaning up the rest place, no need to oil.

5. Screw, fastening of the coupling
When the motor system work after a period of time, the connection of screw and the coupling will have to become loose, which will affect the mechanical movement stability, so in the running of the machine, you should watch whether the transmission parts have abnormal sound or unusual phenomenon. If the problem were found out, it should be timely to consolidate and keep maintenance. At the same time machine’s screws should be consolidated with tools after a certain time. The first time for consolidation should be done after the machine use for a month or so.

6. Check for light path
The light road system of laser engraving machines will be performed together by mirror reflection and the focusing of focus lens. There is no offset problem in the way of light for focus lens, but three mirrors are fixed by mechanical parts and likely to offset. Although it won't usually happen, but it is suggested to be sure to check the light path is normal or not each time when the user uses.


1. Start a machine before drainage system, and check the water circulation situation at any time to ensure that the water cycle of laser tube is normal. Protect the normal use of laser tube
2. Follow the machine switch in order: when start the machine, first open the water pump (water chiller), then the power switch, and finally the laser switch. When shut off the machine, first laser switch, then shut the power switch, finally shut pump (water cooling machine). 3, ground wire is very important. The machine should be completely grounded, and the power to the machine should share the same socket and touch the ground together.

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