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Talent strategy of Artworldcn Enterprise ltd

Talents value of artworldcn enterprise ltd: 
The employees' knowledge is the wealth of our enterprise and we respect the value of talents.
Connotation of talent strategy:
1, the competition between enterprises is actually talent competition. Talents are the most precious resource of the enterprise and also the best wealth of enterprise, and establish long-term talent strategy is the basic guarantee for the sustainable development of artworldcn.
2, artworldcn's talent strategy is showing people the thinking of the future for the company, emphasize on the functions of talents to promote the enterprise sustainable and long-term development.
3, talents is one of the company's strategic resources, artworldcn is a career based on the frontier research and development, production and manufacturing, market operation and enterprise value chain such as value reconstruction, which means a huge demand of technology, marketing, management, finance and so on various aspects of talents.
4, artworldcn will gradually realize the talents value by following the human resources process of attracting talents, cultivating talents, using talents, exploring talents, improving talents. Adhere to the "people-oriented" talent concept and regulate human resources management, devote to building a first-class talents mechanism, 
5, "incentive and sharing" is the starting point of artworldcns’ human resource management and we continuously explore the modern enterprise salary welfare system, establish and improve learning and training system, constantly optimize the company's human resources management.
Core points of talent strategy:
1, people-oriented value, widely gathering able and virtuous person
2, grant rights to these whom with capacity, give good wealth to whom have made contribution to the company
3. Hire people based on their ability: one cannot be promoted according to status, promote these who have the ability and demote these don’t, fair competition, select the superior and eliminate the inferior;
4, prove employees ability by work: execute objection, project and knowledge management, let a specific work to prove talents, let facts to keep people;
5, let the benefit keep the employees: implementation of "staff owning stocks plan", comply with combining the distribution according to ability principle and distribution according to working distribute company earnings to these who have made significant contribution to artworldcn, especially senior technology developers, managers, marketing personnel,.
6, touch a person by emotion: artworldcn advocates happy work concept, create comfortable, loose and comfortable, energetic working environment for employees and provide "openness, fairness, justice, mutual trust, cooperation, share" working atmosphere for employees. 
7. Accomplish the man: discover able people and put them at suitable posts, correspondingly give them the work schedule and career planning according to individual specialty, personal goal should also be closely integrated with the company development.
Talent strategy implementation:
A. key points of implementation process 
Artworldcn’s talent strategy is good or not is determined by implementation not writing. Artworldcn pay attention to whether an employee can restrict himself to do every job better than others and transcend their achievements and scores before in specific work according to company's strategic thought, enterprise goal, rules and regulations.
B. the results speaks louder than anything else
Artworldcn make his judgment for whatever person or things according to the results. Artworldcns’ requirements for employee are "either to go up for further development or walk away." For these wise and capable personnel, their energy will be 100 percent released out, artworldcn will offer the high-speed development career ladder and generous payment for them, let employees take important responsibility in limited duties, give them high free space in their workings, as well as the excellent working environment to actively cooperation with other colleagues. 
C. pursuit effective executive force
One of the most magic weapons for team management is to have steadfast and earnest in their work. No matter doing what, employees must consider how to do it is better and more efficient and cost saving. Give appreciation and affirmation support for people who hold the belief to pursuit excellence. Effective executive force is built on basis of higher goals and powerful executive.
select the superior and eliminate the inferior
D. The company pursues the work principle of "ability, teamwork, steadfast and earnest in their work" to assess employees. For these who cannot accomplish their goals consistently should be kicked out from the enterprise. Artworldcn have established scientific and normative and perfect appraisal mechanism. Guide and cultivate employees to form a good working attitude and good professional ethics. 
E. strengthen artworldcns’ unique corporate culture
First, optimize our work. We always have different methods for the same thing which will lead to different results. This result means transcend others and also the previous himself. This is the core corporate culture of artworldcn.
Second. Team execution. Every task cannot be accomplished by one person. So the employees should have team consciousness, cooperation consciousness.
Third, artworldcn's values and enterprise mission is common thought guidelines for employees.
Cultivate and strengthen enterprise unique values and culture is the guarantee for company's long-term development.
Talent benefit plan:
A, "Employees hold stock plan (EHSP: hold stock Employees had already left)"
Artworldcn adhere to the principle "hire someone based on their ability, and prove their ability on work, let the benefits keep them in company, touch them with emotion, motivate them by both material and spiritual motivation, based on the guidance value of these who have made major contribution to artworldcn is the master of artworldcn, "employee hold stock plans (EHSP)" is gradually implemented inside of the company.  According to combining the distribution according to ability principle and distribution according to working, implement huge amount of reward , options, and stock awards to raise  participation sense of enterprises employee, give play to the master spirit of the employee, condenses the employee's sense of belonging and fully mobilize staffs’ work enthusiasm. 
B, "employees career planning (ECP: Employee career planning)"
Artworldcn hold the belief of achievement talents, discover able people and put them at suitable posts and give full scope to the talents. Based on the employee's personal skill, ability, values, tailor an employee career planning (ECP) for employees who have shown their labor value to artworldcn. And help employee to manage their career plan. The company provides competitive position, promising goal and clear direction of the mission to promote enterprises’ staff development and realize the matching of personal value and enterprise, social status and social fame. Creating a ecological environment for talent development as "work in artworldcn, learn in artworldcn, grown up in artworldcn, developed in artworldcn, dedicated in artworldcn, succeed in artworldcn".
C, "Employee Learning opportunities (ELO: Employee Learning opportunities)"
Modern enterprise is based on the market, through continuous learning to adapt to the competitive environment. From top to bottom, we need all employees to continuous learning and a progressive team to achieve the company's mission. Artworldcn will build a learning-oriented enterprise organization. Artworldcn will continuously create conditions and opportunities for every employee and provide adequate learning opportunities. Thus improve working skills, professional and social adaptation ability of whole staff. This study opportunity has many forms like vocational school training, enterprise internal training, enterprise college learning, etc. Various kinds.
Requirements for talents:
1, approve artworldcns’ enterprise values, enterprise goal and mission.
2, the knowledge can meet the needs of work.
3, has the ability to accomplish the job.
4, professional ability can adapt to meet the needs of the career development in the future.
5. Have the potential to transcend what he can do now.
6, have good professional ethics and credit, and keep promises.
7, team spirit, artworldcn have people from different regions and cultural background and ideas, personality which might bring culture conflicts within the team, which requires employees have the ability to communicate, even learn to compromise to jointly promote working process.
8. Sense of responsibility. The companys’ development and future belongs to everyone in the team, which means we have the responsibility to enforce and realize it.



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