This is special use for marking on wire /cable,marking on the cable quickly,it can marking 120meter /munite,it can mark logo,manufacture name,model,specification etc on the cable Like PVC、PU、PE、PP such material)、reticle,building material,sealing rubber,volume label.
Model:HZM-20E character: high power, fine laser beam quality. Usage field:   This machine specially design for marking animal ear tag purpose,high marking quality.高功率, Laser power:20-50W Laser:fiber or DP Marking speed:1000letter /munite Advantage: Electronic components,IC,mobile,hardware,tools,eyeglasses frame,watch,car parts,plastic key botton,medical apparatus.
the machine adopt advantage of technical of galvo head dynamic control and components.machine cutting and marking speed more than 3-5times than normal machine. it is good for save time and increase th effective .
1、 use for marking on tile,glass,film ,With stable laser output, high precision and power can adjust continuous. 2、 Used for mark any picture, words, LOGO, bar-code, BMP, two-dimension code etc. And it can achieve jump change code number function too. 3、 Support WIN XP operation interface, support PLT PCX DXF BMP format, can use the SHX TTF font library. 4、 Machine with good performance, can works for 24 hours continuous.
The machine adopts imported radio frequency laser (metal sealed RF laser) and imported speedy gavel scanning system. All the fittings can meet the pipelining processing continues dynamic on line with the proprietary waking control software. It can realized automatic edition and correction of characters, signs, graphs, images, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, automatically increased serial numbers. Marking has non-touched process, permanent effect, humanized operation, and stable running. The extensive equipment performance, competitive of working continuously for 24-hour made it meet the demand of massive on-line and off-line industrialized production
The CO2 series marking machine adopts CO2 laser and focusing method, and its optical system can be freely lifted and shifted adjusted.
Computer can randomly design any graphic characters which are very convenient, do not need any printing consumables and the processing cost is low.Laser marking is non-toxic, without distortion, non-pollution and wearing resistance. Optional rotary worktable which is applicable to dozen circle products.
CO2 non-metal material marking: Using the high performance semiconductor lasers, with good beam quality, good bright dipping mode, stable optical power, life expectancy of 20,000 hours. Control computer: Using industrial control computer, it can guarantee the industrial equipment working stable in harsh environment and not easy to crash. Control software: Powerful function, it has many functions like graphics alignment and red light preview. It can mark various kinds of bar code and graphics yards and has the anti-marking function, which fully satisfy the requirements of customers
good for marking on the fruit ,The core components of FCMF10 series lying laser marker are all imported, this series equipment adopted RF lasers (metal-pack) and imported high-speed galvanometer scanning system, it is equipped with a special on-line marking flight control software which can satisfy the production of assembly line products online flight (continuous dynamic) marking, forming a permanent information of texts, figures, symbols, graphics and anti-counterfeiting automatic coding and serial number, etc.
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