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HZC-M250130:Mould laser cutting machine  HZC-M250130
Mould laser cutting machine  HZC-M250130
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PRODUCT NAME:Mould laser cutting machine  HZC-M250130
1. Fixed light path (the laser working head is fixed, the board moves) 2. Bi-directional imported precision ball screw driving (more precise than general one), with the error of precision electronic mould of 0.05mm. 3. Cut through 1-22mm one time, with vertical and even board slit and the speed of two minutes cutting one meter line. The cutting of an eight-split color box mould can be completed for half an hour. 4. Low electricity consumption and low cost, 220V single-phase electricity, 3 kw/h (3000w power machine)

die-cutting machine which use for the module cutting in any shape with fast speed. it will be replace of the tranditional mould ,just draw the shape on the computer and use the laser cutting machine will be fast come out the mould which you need. 

Laser Type: CO2 sealed laser
Laser Power: 150W+150W
Cutting Size: 1300mm x 2500mm
Driving Mode: Stepping system
Light Path Mode: Fixed light path (the laser head is fixed when machine working, the board moves) 
Driving Mode: Bi-directional imported precision ball screw driving
Cutting Precision: 0.05mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness: 25mm
Slit Width: 0.45~0.71mm, controllable 
Dichroic Cutting: Support
Support Format: PLT, BMP, DXF, etc.
Working Temperature: 0℃-45℃
Working Humidity: 5-95% (no condensed water)
Cooled Water Temperature: 5℃-30℃
Cooling Water: Inclusion-free purified water
Protective Gas: Dry and oil-free air
Power Consumption of the Whole Equipment: <2KW
Electricity Needs: 220±5% 50HZ 20A
Cooling Method: Water cooling
Dimensions: 2900mm x 1760mm x 1000mm
Weight: 1700KG

    Applicable Industry: Mould Industry
    Applicable Material: Wooden Board and Engraving wood Board

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