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HZC-CT300150:Large power laser cutting machine HZC-CT300150
Large power laser cutting machine HZC-CT300150
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PRODUCT NAME:Large power laser cutting machine HZC-CT300150
Big power laser cutting machine special use for garment process, car interior decorate, aviation and navigation interior, outdoor, sports etc relate roll shape fabric. Adopt heavy machine tool structure, stable frame design, flexible performance, matched laser cutting software, enable the roll fabric processing effective and quality much higher than traditional machinery jackknife method ,can be work continually.

1.Integration of photographic, mechanic and electric technologies, giving more stable performance.

         2.Great processing precision, maximum tolerance at 0.05mm.

         3.Extremely high engraving speed, 1000/s.

4.The leading technology of uninterrupted and fast curve cutting: with standard model at 60/s and advanced model at 300/s.

5. Optimized function of selecting shortest path, greatly improving working efficiency.

6.Customer optional cooling water machine for laser tube, greatly prolonging the working life of the tube and bettering engraving effect.

7.Imported big-diameter galvanized silicon reflection mirror of 10.6um length wave and ZnSe focus lens provide slighter light wane and finer focus.

8.Seamlessly compatible to such image processing softwares as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, and, Wenti, giving output of original photos.

         9.Support hand any drawn curves of AutoCAD.

10.Support files of various formats such as BMP, PLT, DXF, GIF and AI for image processing.

         11.Advanced color management, supporting the combination of any colors, engraving in freely defined sequence, partial or total output in one time.

  • good for cutting leather

Application scope:

non-metals such as density boards, bamboo and wood products, dual-color boards, cloth, acryl, leather, glass, plastic

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