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HZC-300160:auto feeding laser cutting machine HZC-300160
auto feeding laser cutting machine HZC-300160
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PRODUCT NAME:auto feeding laser cutting machine HZC-300160
HZC series laser cutting machine represents the world-class level in terms of stability, precision and speed. HZC-300160 laser cutting bed is equipped with auto feeding system and open stainless meshed worktable, especially suitable for large scale cutting of cloth, leather, wood, etc. Machine advantage: 1.it will be rolling up the material and run it go ahead to cutting automatically 2.fast cutting speed and save the material 3.use high quality of laser tube which working time over 8000hours 4.low cost and good feature


◆ To meet the demands of cutting in large scale, HZC-300160  laser cutting bed adopts steady chassis to ensure precision and stability, liner guide rail and precision gear for transmission to ensure accuracy and high speed, open stainless meshed worktable to ensure convenient operation and wear resistance, and auto feeding system to cut cost and improve efficiency.
◆ The laser light of this machine will be adjusted automatically to match speed , ensuring the cutting quality in corner. This machine has continuous curve cutting function, which can cut curve at a high speed of 24m/min.
Applicable materials and industries:
◆ HZC-300160laser cutting bed is specially for those users who need cutting and engraving materials in large size, and suitable for cloth, leather, paper, wood, organic glass, plastics, compound material, etc.
Laser power: 30-150W (Optional)
working table:300x160cm
Cutting speed: 0-20m/min
Resolution ratio:≤4000dpi
Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50HZ
Location precision: ±0.1mm
Gross power: <1250W
Dimension: 2450x2450x1230MM
  • auto-feeding laser cutting machine
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Applicable Materials:
fabric, Wood,paper, leacher, cloth,organic glass,resin,acrylic,wollens, plastic ,wollens, plastic, rubber, ceromlc tile,crystal, bowlder, bamboo and other noon-metal material.

Applicable Industry:
the machine is a multi-purpose helper to you and it almost suitable for most of nonmetal materials industry, embroidery, label, printing, arts and crafts, advertising, fashion,etc light industrie
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