this machine is new design adopt moving cutting head ,use co2 laser to decrea the cost for customer who has request for stainless,cu and leather,wood,plastic both metal and non-metal cutting purpose.
It can provide professional accessories for different processing occasions based on the processing materials, such as different bore diameters aluminum or honeycomb plate or different gaps of metal lattice column and soft material’s negative pressure adsorption device.
the up-and-down motorized working table enable customer to engrave different thickness materials, equiped with the rotary device for 3D artwork making and column object binder make it a piece of cake to make your 3D design in real.
Full optical coupling isolation system combined with high speed differential input/output circuit design, long distance signal transmission with not distortion, strong anti-jamming capability, the system can output 12 lines and input 16 lines and easily docking with users production field.
Fast curvilinear cutting function: any curves can be cut with a fast and continuous speed, the motion process of laser heads just like a top level speed racer’s racing aside a beautiful arc.Support many design software like CAD, CORELDRAlMGERBER, etc, friendly man-machine interface, close to the industries demands.
We adopted international advanced DSP control technology in our laser cutting machine which has two pioneering leading functions, continuous and fast curvilinear cutting and selecting the shortest processing path in optimization function, which has greatly improved the working efficiency. Full automatic light compensation for carving in order to ensure that different area has the same cutting effect. We use the cutting control software to achieve design as fast as possible and has a high-speed buffer function of the motion which have improved the production efficiency.
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