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HZM-P011:Whole rack of laser marking machine HZM-P011
Whole rack of laser marking machine HZM-P011
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PRODUCT NAME:Whole rack of laser marking machine HZM-P011
Whole type of laser marking rack use for install full set of laser head, marking head, laser power supply, Q switch power supply, whole type of machine use thin light sheet steel for bend and weld a shape, all sides have the door can be open, convenience to installing and repair the parts of inside, back of rack is marble, smooth and glossy, can be place of computer, screen etc, good stability quality.

 1)typeC-0,do not including working stage
    Back side of rack can place laser and marking head,lower right side of equipment cabinet can put a light power supply or diode power supply,Q switch power supply,PC,or other standard 19     control cabinet.
    sizeL 1060mm 1060mm
          W 690mm 690mm
          H 1151mm 1151mm
  2typeC-1including one-dimensional platform
equipment cabinet can put a light power supply or diode power supply,Q switch power supply,PC or other standard 19'' control cabinet,in front place one-dimensional platform.
sizeL 1140mm 


    it is use in DP marking machine ,can be save the space by use this worktop.

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