Stable quality,control in accuracy operation position
mart Control via Ethernet/ RS-232/ Analog Internal Pulse Generator, Software GUI Standard 48V DC Input Voltage Highly Efficient: >30% Wall-plug Efficiency Perfect beam quality (M2 < 1.05)
Laser protective goggles have all azimuths defend of special wave band laser and strong light, stop the harm of laser to eyes. Its optical properties have fully to meet the security GJB1762-93 "laser-protective health standards", "ROHS standards." Can also under customers’ different myopia, astigmatism, and hyper meteoric make special laser protective glasses. Comfortable, beautiful, on the safe side, wear well.
output current grades are 0-25A、30A、40A、70A、100A etc., electric current could be adjusted continuously. output direct voltage grades are 2V、3.3V、12V、18V、24V、36V etc., user could choose it according to where it is.
Whole type of laser marking rack use for install full set of laser head, marking head, laser power supply, Q switch power supply, whole type of machine use thin light sheet steel for bend and weld a shape, all sides have the door can be open, convenience to installing and repair the parts of inside, back of rack is marble, smooth and glossy, can be place of computer, screen etc, good stability quality.
rotation working stage for laser marking machine stage
Pulsed xenon lamp is the pumping light source of the solid state laser, it Workable at high energy, high power, high light, also it’s luminescent spectrum close to Solar spectrum, thus it can suitable for vary of laser working substance, achieve different marking effects. Pulse laser power requested, specially used in welding machine, drilling machine etc large power lasers ,as well as use in small power of marking machine.
Scanner lenses is specially designed and optimized to be used in CO2 laser 2-axis galvo-scanner systems with full beam diameters up to 15.0mm. Mirror should be set appropriately for use with beam diameters up to 15mm require an increase in mirror separation in comparison with smaller mirrors. These changed optical conditions are catered-for by the STSL series. These single-element lenses are designed to represent the best achievable compromise for on-axis and off-axis aberrations, field flatness and F-theta characteristics, obtainable using single-element spherical-surface designs of (standard) 48mm diameter and 3mm edge thickness. The lens material is ZnSe.
Suitable for the beam expander with a screw of M22x0.75mm.
The most common type of beam expander is derived from the Galilean telescope which usually has one negative input lens and one positive output lens. The input lens presents a virtual beam focus at the output. For low expansion ratios (1.3-20 times) the Galilean telescope is often employed due to its simplicity, small package size and low cost.
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