• HZC-9060
  • HZC-CT300150
  • HZC-F180100
  • HZC-YAG500
  • HZE-801
  • HZM-DEP50
  • HZW-A200
laser cutting machine    laser engraving machine

Application industry:
The manufacturing and cutting of paper boxes, rubber box for package, color box, flexible circuit board, adhesive sticker, curtain

Typical application:
The cutting of die molds for as paper color box, plastic box, electronic products, acoustic products, adhesive sticker and other kinds of die molds.

Application material
plywood, density plate, acrylic plate, resin plate, steel plate

HZC-250120 laser cutting machine
HZC-300160 autofeeding laser cutting machine
 Paper box print products  Rubber board cutting carving
PVC materials cutting  Greeting card laser cutting


laser cutting machine   laser marking machine
Application industry:
mobile phone panel, display, soft circuit, circuit, integrated circuits, resistor, capacitor, crystals, diodes and transistors.
Typical application:
cutting and processing for mobile phone panel, LCD display; cutting and lineation processing for soft circuit and circuit. Print the complex text, graphics, image, transparent buttons, bar code, two dimensional barcode, serial number of products, and graphics on specified materials

Application material: 
Various display plate, display scream, soft electronic plate, multilayer electronic plate, integrated circuits, resistor, capacitor, crystals, diodes and transistors.
HZM-FLP10 portable fiber Laser
marking machine
HZM-100 CO2 Laser marking machine
Marking electronic parts Marking various electronic components
Cutting display screen Marking keyboard


laser marking machine   laser welding machine

 Application industry:
hardware products, non hardware machine parts, medical equipments, tools and measuring tools, jewelry, timepiece industry.

Typical application: 
Welding of various tools, machine parts, medical devices and hardware products, jewelry. Marking of various tools, machine parts, medical devices and hardware products, jewelry.

Application material: 
various electrical parts and mechanical parts. Jewelry materials as gold, silver, stainless steel and so on.

HZW-200Y laser
welding machine
HZW-400Y laser
welding machine
 Electron component welding   Machine parts welding
Medical equipment welding Jewelry  welding



laser cutting machine    laser marking machine
Application industry:
hardware products, non hardware machinery parts, medical equipments, tools and measuring tools, jewelry, timepiece industry

Typical application: 
marking signs, decorative pattern, bar code, two dimensional barcode on the surface of metallic products, such as: various tools, machine parts, medical equipments, hardware products, jewelry

Application material: 
ABS, PP, acrylic, stainless steel, electric plating, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, precious metals etc.
HZM-50 CO2 laser marking machine
HZM-DP50semiconductor laser marking machine
Marking on plastic surface  Processing dress /bags and suitcases/ metal
Marking bar code  Marking on metal 


laser cutting machine     laser marking machine    laser engraving machine
Application industry:
carton, packaging boxes, color box, plastic sheet, rubber board,PVC material.

Typical application:
cutting and engraving of rubber board; precise cutting of adhesive sticker cutting die and color box cutting die

Application material:
All kinds of box print slab rubber, corrugated paper and paperboard, PVC materials.
HZC-160100 laser
cutting machine
HZE-M300 small co2 Laser engraving machine
Paper box print products Rubber board cutting and carving
PVC materials cutting Greeting card laser cutting


laser cutting machine    laser engraving machine

 Application industry:
clothing, shoe, home-furnishings, embroidery, cloth toys, leather, luggage, sport and outdoor articles, chair of automobile
Typical application:
cutting clothing, shoe, cloth toys, luggage outdoor articles, chair of automobile and other materials; cutting appliqué, special-shaped trademark, ABRS; hollow engraving on clothing and leather; spraying decoration on semi-finished and finished products.
Application material:
pure cotton, real silk, chemical fibers, jeans, velvet and other kinds of textile or woven materials, dermis, artificial leather, soft leather, decoration leather, packing leather and other kinds of leather materials.

HZC-9060 laser
cutting machine
HZE-12080 laser
engraving machine
Cloth engraving /cutting Jean/clothing marking  
Processing clothing accessories Cloth laser processing


laser cutting machine    laser markingmachine    laser engraving machine
 Application industry:
advertising, logos, label, building model, model airplane and marine modeling, gift box, gift, handicraft, decorations, glasses

 Typical application:
advertising, logos, label making, adornment, decoration, all kinds of model manufacture, process gifts production, the paper-cut production, decorations production, surface marker, surface decoration 

Application material
acrylic, double color boards, glass, crystal, stone, wood, ceramic, paper, shells, rubber, synthetic resins and other non metal natural and artificial materials.

HZC-6040 laser
cutting machine
HZE-H300 small co2  laser engraving machine
 Advertising industry Bamboo puzzle
Toy puzzle Paper engraving palace lantern


laser engraving machine      3D laser engraving machine
Application industry:
art and craft, souvenir, adornmen, gift crystal and glass artware, glasses, mirror products

Typical application
engraving of crystal souvenir, crystal souvenir 3D carving, 3D hollow engraving of glass art and craft of photo, characters and son on

Application material
All kinds of crystal and glass, as acrylic, organic and non-organic glass.
HZSE-800 3D Hollow engraving machine
HZSE-801 3D Hollow engraving machine
 Crystal souvenir Glass art and craft 3D engraving
Crystal souvenir 3D carving Glass art and craft 3D inside-carving


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